Improv Challange

WIN a FREE Solo entry for the 2024 Meraki Dance Competition. Dancers will have less than 1 minute to self choreograph to unknown music. Music will be chosen at random. Dancers have a 10 second countdown and then dance for 45-50 seconds. There are four age divisions Mini, Junior, Teen and Senior. Improv solo is to be performed in basic dance wear (no costume required). You will need to register for this online $40. The Improv Dance Challenge winner from each age group will receive a FREE solo entry at our 2024 competition.

Focused Training Mentorship with Tracie Stanfield

Three dancers will be awarded a Focused Training mentorship with Tracie Stanfield. These dancers will meet, virtually, with Tracie each month May - August 2023. Dancer mentoring will focus on goal setting, clarity in movement and action, accountability and mentorship.
Tracie Stanfield
Artistic Director, SynthesisDANCE / TracieStanfield