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MERAKI does not accept independent entries for the Convention or Competition portion of the event. Please contact your studio owner to complete the registration process.

Friday Convention Classes

BONUS FOR FRIDAY EVENING DANCERS Following the Friday evening classes, our Faculty members will be choosing 1-2 dancers in attendance from each Age group (Youth, Junior & Senior) to act as an "Apprentice" to our Faculty for the entire Saturday session! What does that mean? If you are chosen in your age group, you will dance RIGHT UP FRONT next to the Faculty members during each class and be "their person" throughout the Saturday event! You will stay in your appropriate room and take classes from each Faculty member, but will serve the Apprentice Role during EACH of the Faculty member classes! Amazing, right????

Focused Training Mentorship with Tracie Stanfield

On Friday evening, three dancers will be awarded a Focused Training mentorship with Tracie Stanfield. These dancers will meet, virtually, with Tracie each month May - August 2022. Dancer mentoring will focus on goal setting, clarity in movement and action, accountability and mentorship.
Tracie Stanfield
Artistic Director, SynthesisDANCE / TracieStanfield

Sunday Convention Classes

Dancers will take classes from some of the BIGGEST NAMES in the dance industry today! MERAKI Convention provides AMAZING guest artists that will ENRICH, CHALLENGE & INSPIRE dancers of all ages & abilities! Lyrical, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, Teacher classes and more!