Meraki (mur -Ah -kee)

The soul, creativity or love put into something: the essence of yourself that is put into your work.


It’s not often we as a community get to see new and exciting endeavors brought to the dance community of the midwest, and we are pleased to announce the first annual Meraki Dance Competition and Convention coming Spring 2022! The Meraki Dance Competition and Convention offers a fresh, modern approach to the dance competition and convention world with the goal of enriching, inspiring, and motivating all involved - not just dancers and teachers, but community members alike.

We believe in the power of community and opportunity - and those of us at Meraki strive to empower dancers to put their soul, creativity, and love into what matters most to them. We offer a weekend packed with an amazing schedule; curated with some of the hottest names in the dance industry today. Our faculty consists of a mix of new voices, accomplished professionals, and industry mentors who have a vested interest in Siouxland’s dance community. Meraki’s goal is to have dancers learn, grow and be challenged in ways not typically found in our midwestern area - and each teacher brings authenticity and imagination to the work shared, guiding each dancer to uncover their own Meraki.

Meraki’s first annual season will see us in Sioux Falls, SD (at the Washington Pavilion) and in Omaha, NE (at the Hilton-Omaha). Our long-term goal is to expand and take our mid-western values across the country - and world-wide! We are asking YOU to be a part of this amazing opportunity and join us as we set sail on this brand-new adventure. Your support of Meraki will provide the opportunities for dancers of all ages and skill levels to experience a big-city style dance competition and convention right here in the midwest. Will you join us in helping dancers find their own Meraki? Contact us to become an official sponsor today!

Raena Rasmussen and Meraki Dance Competition and Convention

P.S. Below are different sponsorship tiers - however, if your sponsorship level is not listed, please reach out to us and see how you can still support Meraki!

Sponsorship Levels

Sponsor Level: Silver ($250)

Sponsor Level: Gold ($500)

Sponsor Level: Platinum ($1000)